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Troubleshooting the Homelife Touchscreen Cellular Lost Error


Use the below process to troubleshoot the touchscreen when the error Cellular Lost displays.

Note: The four-digit Master Keypad Code is required to reboot the touchscreen.


Confirm if the touchscreen displays the following on the home screen.

Error Message: Cellular Lost.

  • If yes, then continue to the next step.
  • If no, then the issue is not related to lost cellular. All steps complete.

Tap Settings.


Enter the master code to proceed to the Settings menu.


From the Settings menu, tap Advanced Settings.

Image of Settings Categories highlighting Advanced Settings

From the Advanced Settings menu, tap Reboot TouchScreen.

Image of Advanced Settings highlighting Reboot Touchscreen


From the Reboot TouchScreen screen, tap Reboot TouchScreen and allow the device one to two minutes to complete the reboot process.
Note: You may be required to re-enter the Master Code.

Image of the Reboot Touchscreen button

Result: A message displays confirming the reboot.


From the Home screen, does the error message Cellular Lost still display?

  • If yes, then additional research is required to resolve this issue. For more information, contact us.
  • If no, then this issue appears to be resolved and your service should work as expected.

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