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Troubleshooting the Homelife Automation Hub


Image of the Homelife Automation Hub

The table below lists the troubleshooting steps for the Homelife hub based on the LED status color of the hub.

If the Hub LED is... Then... Troubleshooting Steps / Then...
Off The hub isn’t getting power.
  • Is the outlet that the hub is plugged into working properly?
  • Is that outlet controlled by a wall switch, or are you experiencing a power outage?
Solid White The hub is activated and connected to the network. All paired devices are functioning properly. This is the desired state during normal system operation.
Blinking White The hub is receiving updated firmware from Cox. This is normal system maintenance and will happen periodically. The firmware update will not impact the use of the system. When the download is complete, the hub's LED returns to solid white.
Solid Orange The hub is activated and connected to your router, but you’re not connected to the Cox Homelife system server. Your system is working properly, but Cox is either performing maintenance on the Homelife server, or the server is down.
Solid Red The Hub isn’t recognizing the Broadband / Wi-Fi connection, so it can’t connect to the Homelife system server.
  • Can you get a Wi-Fi signal on other devices, such as a laptop or smartphone?
    Try unplugging the Hub for at least 20 seconds, then plug it back in.
  • Is the home router powered on?
    Try unplugging the router for at least 20 seconds, then power it back on.
  • Could something be interfering your Wi-Fi signal to the hub, such as other electronic devices or a piece of furniture?
    Try moving any electronic devices away from the hub. Make sure the hub is not placed behind furniture or shelving and is within 50 feet of the home’s router.
  • Is the Internet service down?
    Once the Internet service is restored, the hub reconnects automatically.
  • Have you made any changes to your Wi-Fi network’s SSID or Password?
    The instructions provided on the Homelife mobile app, also outlined in Restoring Connectivity to the Automation Hub, reconnect the hub to the network using your new Wi-Fi login information. If you have cameras as part of your Homelife Automation system, you need to re-pair them to the hub, outlined in Pairing the HD Camera for Homelife Automation.

Note: To unplug the hub, you may need a screwdriver to remove the bracket that is holding the hub in place.

Blinking Red You have an issue with one or more of your paired Homelife devices. Go to the My Home page on your mobile app or and look for any Troubles tiles. These tiles display what device issues need to be resolved.

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