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Troubleshooting Signing in to a Contour 2 App


Use the following information to resolve issues with signing in to the Contour 2 apps

Note: Username and passwords for apps are specific to the app and may not be the same as your Cox username and password.

Confirm your username and password by having signing in to the app on a different device.

  • If you are able to sign in on a different device, then perform the following steps.
    1. Reset the TV receiver.
    2. Attempt to Sign In to the app.
    3. If the issue continues on your Contour 2 receiver, then contact us for further assistance.
  • If you are unable to sign in on a different device, then refer to the table below for help from the product support site for the app.

    App Contact Information
    Amazon Prime Amazon Prime Account and Login Issues
    iHeartRadio iHeatRadio Help
    Music Choice No Login
    Netflix Netflix Login Help
    NPR One NPR One Help
    Pandora Pandora Help
    Tubi Tubi Login

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