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Troubleshooting Panoramic Wifi App Login Issues


To use the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, you must sign in with the primary user ID and password you created when registering on Cox.com because not all user IDs on an account perform the same functions.

Use the following steps to verify that you have the correct equipment and are using the primary user ID to sign in to the Panoramic Wifi app.


In a web browser, go to www.cox.com/myprofile/manage-users.html.


Sign in with the User ID and Password you used in the Panoramic Wifi app.


Which of the following displays?

If you see... Then...
The Manage users page

image of the primary user box on manage users page
You are using the correct primary user ID and password. Continue to the next step.
An error message

image of error message for secondary user trying to access manage users

You are using a secondary user ID. Use the steps below to recover your primary user ID.

  1. At the top of the page, click My Account, then Sign Out.

    Result: The Sign In to Your Cox Account page displays.
  2. Click the Forgot User ID link.
  3. From the Forgot my Cox User ID page, click one of the following options to retrieve your primary user ID.

    • Phone number
    • Service address
    • Account number

      Note: Depending on the method of retrieval you choose, you will be prompted to provide your PIN number, last 4 digits of your social security number, or the answer to your secret question.
Result: After completing the prompts successfully, the primary user ID for your account displays.

To identify your modem model number, use one of the following ways to access MyServices.

  • From the Manage users window, click the Customers drop-down menu and click My Services, then View Services.
  • Go to www.cox.com/resaccount/my-services.cox, and sign in with your primary user ID and password.

Scroll down to the Cox High Speed Internet section. In the Internet Modem area, locate the Make and Model field.

If... Then...
You are using DTC4141 or DAR168C You are using an eligible gateway. There may be another issue preventing you from using the app. Contact us for further assistance.
You are using any other modem You are not using an eligible gateway and will not have access to the Panoramic Wifi app features at this time. To upgrade your equipment, contact us.

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