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Troubleshooting Homelife Touchscreen Cellular Broadband Down Error


Follow the steps below to troubleshoot connectivity issues.


Have there has been any changes near the modem causing possible interference. Examples of possible interferences are appliances, other wireless devices, or mirrors.

  • If yes, then remove the interference and confirm if the issue is still happening. Continue as needed.
  • If no, then continue to the next step.

Complete the following to disconnect and reconnect power to the modem.

  1. Unplug both the modem and the router, if applicable.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds. Plug the modem back in. Do not plug the router back in yet.
  3. Wait at least 60 seconds or until the modem is fully powered on.
  4. Plug the router back in, if applicable, and wait at least two minutes or until the router has restarted.

Are you able to connect to the internet?


Once Internet services are restored, from the touchscreen home screen, tap Settings.


Enter the master code to proceed to the Settings menu.


From the Settings menu, tap Advanced Settings.

Image of Categories menu highlighting Advanced Settings

From the Advanced Settings menu, tap Reboot TouchScreen.

Image of Advanced Settings menu highlighting Reboot Touchscreen


From the Reboot TouchScreen screen, tap Reboot TouchScreen.

Image of the Reboot Touchscreen Button

If prompted, re-enter the master code.
Result: A message displays confirming reboot. The screen takes one to two minutes to reboot. Once the reboot is complete, the touchscreen home screen displays.


Did restarting the touchscreen resolve your issue as expected?

  • If no, then additional troubleshooting is required. Contact us for further assistance.
  • If yes, then the device should now function as expected.

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