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Troubleshooting Cox Homelife Continuous Video Recording


See the table below for solutions to common problems and suggested troubleshooting actions with your Cox Homelife Playback Adapter. To correctly identify your Cox Homelife Playback Adapter, a picture of the front and back has been provided.

If any of the suggested actions do not fix your issue, contact Customer Support.

Front View

PBA Front View

Back View

PBA Back View

Problem Action
No Power
  • On the back of the adapter, confirm that the power cord is plugged in tightly.
  • Confirm that the power adapter is plugged into an unswitched outlet.
  • Confirm that the outlet has power by plugging in another device or appliance.
No Internet Connection / Connectivity

Reset the devices by following the steps below. Ensure each device is online before powering up the next device.

  1. Unplug the cable modem, router(s) and playback adapter from the wall.
  2. Wait two minutes.
  3. Plug the cable modem in.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Plug the router in.
  6. Wait 30 seconds.
  7. Check for signal.
  8. Plug the playback adapter in.
  9. Wait up to 10 minutes or until you verify that you have a blue light on the front of the PBA and a yellow flashing data light on the back.

  • Make sure the Playback Adapter (PBA) is plugged directly into the Security Router
  • After resetting ensure you have a blue light on the front of the PBA and a yellow flashing data light on the back.

If there is still no signal, check for an internet signal using another device such as a laptop.

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