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Troubleshooting Cox Connect TV Listings


By November 22, 2019, this feature will no longer be available through the app. Please sign in to My Account on Cox.com to access this feature.

Use the table below to resolve issues with Cox Connect TV Listings.

Issue Possible Cause Resolution
I can't schedule a program to record

The problem could be caused by the following:

  • You are trying to schedule the recording on a receiver that is not your primary DVR. You can only use the primary DVR to schedule a recording through Cox Connect.
  • The primary DVR may not have enough disk space.
  • The primary DVR may not be plugged in.
  • You may not be subscribed to the desired channel.
  • The program may have aired in the past.
  • There could have been an issue receiving the recording request.
  • If you have more than one DVR, check all DVRs in the house to determine which is the primary DVR and make sure you are trying to schedule to that DVR.
  • Delete recordings to free up disk space.
  • Make sure the primary DVR is plugged in.
  • If you have not subscribed to the channel, contact Cox Communications.
  • Check the program guide to see if the program is being shown again at a later time. You cannot schedule a recording for a program that aired in the past.
  • Try sending your recording request again.
I try to set the Remind option, but it does not work. Your device does not have version iOS5.x installed. Upgrade your iPhone or iPod Touch to version iOS5.x.
I get a message that says a network or connectivity failure occurred. Your device does not have an Internet connection. Verify that your device has Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity and try again. If the problem still occurs, refer to the Support & Care feature.

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