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Troubleshooting a Wired Internet Connection


Use the following steps to resolve internet connectivity issues.

If you are connecting a new modem, then refer to Cox Certified Cable Modems to ensure your modem is compatible with our network. To add a new modem to your account, contact us.


Turn off any devices that are using the internet. Some common devices are listed below.

  • Desktop computer
  • Cell phones, tablets, or other mobile devices
  • Laptops
  • Gaming systems

Find your modem and unplug the power cord. You'll see the modem lights turn off.

image of unplugging the modem power cord

Verify that your modem cables are connected.

  • Coaxial cable - Verify that the cable is connected tightly to the cable outlet on the wall and to the back of the modem.
  • Ethernet - You may see what resembles an oversized phone cord connecting your modem to a router or desktop computer. Cox recommends using at least a Category 5E (CAT5E) cable for all packages.
    • On the router, make sure the Ethernet cord connects to a port labeled Ethernet, IN, or WAN. If it's not there, then you'll need to move the cord to the right location.
    • If the Ethernet is connecting to a computer, make sure both ends of the cable are connected securely.

image of generic modem and cable connections

Don't move any phone cords plugged in to TEL 1 or 2 ports.


Plug the modem's power cord back in.

image of plugging in the modem's power cord

Result: The modem lights start to flash and light up. Allow the modem up to ten minutes to finish processing.


Turn on your computer.


Test your internet connection with the following steps.

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. In the address bar, enter www.cox.com and then press Enter.
    • If Cox.com loads, then no further action is necessary. All steps complete.
    • If Cox.com doesn't load, then continue to the next step.

Refresh your computer's IP address using one of the following processes.


Re-test your internet connection.

Still having problems connecting to the internet? Contact us to continue troubleshooting.

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