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Telephone Relay Service


The FCC requires all telecommunications companies to provide customers who subscribe to telephone service with toll-free, three digit dialing access to Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS). This allows anyone using a Text Telephone (TTY) or a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) to connect with anyone using a standard telephone.

TRS is a service available to all Cox Voice customers to facilitate telephone conversations with individuals who may have hearing or speech disabilities through TRS operators, called communications assistants (CAs). For more information about TRS, see the FCC’s consumer fact sheet.

Using the TRS Services

Relay Service is available 24/7. There is no extra charge to use the relay service.

  • All TTY operator services, including directory assistance, are available through Relay Service. Standard charges apply.
  • The device generally consists of a keyboard and display screen.
  • Calls are routed through a communications assistant who has both sets of equipment and acts as the intermediary between callers.

TRS Service allows you to make as many calls as you wish and talk as long as you'd like.

  1. The teletypewriter (TTY) or other text input device is used to dial 711, the TRS relay center, and provide the CA with the telephone number of the party that you'd like to call.
  2. The CA then places an outbound voice call to that number.
  3. The CA then serves as a link for the call, relaying the text of the calling party in voice to the called party, and converting to text what the called party voices back to the calling party.

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