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Suspending Parental Controls With the Snooze PIN Feature on Contour


Snooze PIN feature will temporarily suspend all Parental Control enforcements for a specified length of time.

Note: This feature does not affect the Purchase PIN.


On the Cox remote, press the CONTOUR button.


Press the arrow buttons to highlight Settings, then press OK.


Press the down arrow button to highlight Parental Controls, then press OK.


Enter your four-digit PIN.

To experience the process, see Contour Snooze PIN Menu or continue with the step-by-step process below.


Press the down arrow button to highlight Snooze PIN, then press OK.


Press the down arrow button to highlight the length of time you want the Snooze PIN active, then press OK.

Note: When turned on, the amount of time remaining on the Snooze PIN displays in the main Parental Control menu.

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