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Spam Blocker

Spam Blocker screens and blocks suspected high-risk scam calls. The feature is enabled for all existing and new Voice subscribers at no cost. It provides the following benefits.

  • High-risk calls are automatically blocked.
  • Medium-risk calls are sent to Voice Mail.
  • Low-risk calls are allowed and include an alert in Caller ID.
  • Customers can opt-out or customize by changing Voice Tool settings.

How Does Spam Blocker Work?

Spam Blocker uses call data and Caller ID authentication to identify risk factors for potential scam calls. Calls are categorized and treated according to settings for each level of risk. Spam calls allowed to ring through include a Spam alert in Caller ID and TV Caller ID.

image of tv caller id spam alert

image of spam handheld phone display

What Happens To Incoming Calls?

Calls are analyzed and treated per the table below. Settings can be changed in Voice Tools.

Note: Medium risk calls for customers without Cox Voice Mail are allowed and will display with a Spam alert in Caller ID.

Risk LevelTreatment
HighAutomatically blocked
MediumSent to voice mail
LowAllowed and labeled as Spam on Caller ID displays

Protecting Legitimate Calls

In some instances, a caller maybe blocked that is not spam. Cox wants to ensure that its customer's receive good and wanted calls. Customers can let us know if we incorrectly identify or block a wanted call as spam.

Calling parties can contact us if they believe their calls have been incorrectly blocked or labeled or that they have been adversely affected by information provided by the Caller ID authentication framework.

Both customers and calling parties can contact us at our Spam Feedback website www.coxspamfeedback.com. We educate legitimate businesses about “best practices” they can follow to reduce the risks that they get caught in blocking or labeling tools.

Note: Some home phone manufacturers support spam call screening, for example, vTech. If it has been determined that neither Cox nor the customer’s Voice Tool settings is responsible for erroneously blocked calls, the customer should check their home phone handset and adjust their settings accordingly.

Viewing a List of Blocked Calls

Customers can view and download a list of calls blocked by Spam Blocker. See Accessing Call History Using Voice Tools.

Select from the solutions below to learn how to adjust settings and view call history.

Select from the solutions below to learn how to adjust settings and view call history.

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