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Signing Up for Amazon Prime Video for New Customers


Follow the steps below to complete the sign-in process as a new Amazon Prime Video customer.


Access and launch the Amazon Prime Video app in the Apps section of the Contour menu, or by pressing the Mic button on the Cox remote and saying "Amazon" or "Prime Video."


When the app opens, an initial sign-in screen displays. Using the Cox remote, highlight No thanks, start browsing, then press Ok.

Image of sign in screen


To begin the sign-in process from the browsing screen, highlight the advertisement to Start your 30-day free trial, then press Ok on your remote.

Note: To view content, you must be signed in.  When browsing, you can view the type of content available but cannot view any episodes, shows, or movies.

Image of free trial selection


On the settings screen, Sign up for Prime is highlighted. Press Ok on your remote.

Image of Prime Video sign up


Pop-up displays to sign in. Highlight OK, then press Ok.

Image of Sign In screen pop-up


Complete the following steps to create your account online.

  1. From a computer or smartphone, visit amazon.com/mytv.
  2. Below Sign In, select Create your Amazon account.
  3. Follow the steps online to create your Amazon Prime account.
  4. Sign in online using your new username and password.
  5. In the Registration code field, enter the code that displays on your TV.

    Image of code displayed on TV

  6. Click Register Device.

After completing the steps online, the display on the TV automatically changes to display a Success! Your device is registered message.

Image of successful sign up

Using the Cox remote control, highlight Continue, then press Ok.

Result: You are now signed in and have access to any content that is part of your Amazon Prime Video subscription.

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