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Signing into Cox Homelife Mobile App


You can download the Cox Homelife Mobile App free of charge from your app store. Once the App has downloaded to your device, follow these steps to sign in on your Apple and Android devices. See Cox Homelife Browser and Mobile Operating System Requirements for compatible devices and operating systems.

If you have trouble signing in, tap the Settings icon on the Sign In screen to verify that the Cox server is checked.

Signing In

Follow the steps below to sign into the Cox Homelife mobile app.


Launch the Cox Homelife app.  

On the Sign In screen, tap Settings.
Sign In screen - Settings
From the Settings screen, ensure the green check mark displays next to the Cox server name.

Mobile App - Cox Server

Note: If the check mark is not displayed next to Cox, tap Cox to move it from the Custom 1 or 2 server to Cox server.

To return to the Sign In screen, tap Back.
Settings Screen Back button


Tap Take a Tour to experience all of the available app features.

Sign In - Take a Tour


Support icon.

  • If accessing on your mobile phone, tap the Support icon to automatically load the Cox Homelife Customer Care phone number on your phone so that you may speak with one of our Customer Care Agents to assist you with any questions you may have. 
  • If accessing on your tablet, tap the Support icon and a browser page launches for the Homelife Support pages containing the Cox Homelife Support phone number and support articles.

    Sign In - Support

Return back to the Sign In screen to now enter your user name and password. Tap the check box next to Keep Me Signed In, this automatically displays the same user name on the sign in screen without having to enter it each time.

Keep Me Signed In option

Your sign in credentials for the Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal and mobile app are the same. If you forget your username or password, click the appropriate link on the Subscriber Portal or Mobile App Sign In page to begin the process of retrieving your username or resetting your password. Follow the instructions on the web pages or email messages associated with this process to restore your access to the web portal and mobile app.

Setting and Using the PIN

With the Cox Homelife mobile app, you have the option of signing in with a four-digit PIN. The PIN allows you to bypass the user name and password while still providing a level of security.
To set up the PIN, follow the steps below.


On the My Home screen, tap the More menu.

My Home screen - More menu


From the More menu, tap System Settings tile.

More menu - System Settings Tile


Scroll down to the Sign in Settings section. Next to PIN sign in, tap ENABLE.

Pin sign in - Enable

On the Enter PIN screen, enter your chosen PIN.

Enter PIN screen

Result: The Confirm your PIN screen displays and you are prompted to reenter your PIN.


After PIN is enabled, you have the option of entering your PIN or Password to access the Cox Homelife mobile app.

  1. To enter your PIN, use the number keys.

    Enter Your Pin
  2. To enter your password, tap Use password sign in.
    Use Password option

To deactivate the PIN sign in, scroll down to the Sign In Settings section. Next to PIN sign in, tap DISABLE.

Disable Pin Sign in

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