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Setting Up Panoramic Wifi Pods


Follow the steps below to activate your Panoramic Wifi Pods to improve your in-home WiFi coverage.

Note: Your Panoramic Wifi Gateway and Cox Panoramic Wifi app must be installed and activated before you can set up your Panoramic Wifi Pods. Refer to Panoramic Wifi Pods.


On your mobile device, tap to open the Cox Wifi app. Have you used the Cox Wifi app before?

If... Then...
  • Tap Sign In.
  • On the pop-up message that displays "cox" Wants to Use "cox.net" to Sign In, tap Continue.
  • In the in-app browser window, in the User ID field, enter your primary Cox user ID.
  • In the Password field, enter your Password.
  • Tap Continue.

    Result: The in-app browser window closes, and the Cox Wifi Overview screen displays.
Yes The Cox Wifi Overview screen displays.

In the bottom right, tap More.

image of tapping more icon


Under the Add a Device section, tap Cox Device.

image of tapping cox device


Tap Panoramic WiFi Pods.

image of tapping panoramic wifi pods


From the Say Hello to Your New Panoramic WiFi Pods! screen, tap Get Started.

image of tapping get started


Plug in your first Pod to an active electrical outlet in your home using the following placement guidelines.

  • Place the first Pod into an electrical outlet with at least one room separating it from the Panoramic Wifi Gateway, ensuring it is within approximately 20 to 30 feet away.

    Note: Do not use an outlet controlled by a wall switch.
  • For the best signal strength, refer to the following.
    • Ensure Pods are visible and not blocked by furniture or other large objects.
    • Avoid placing Pods near mirrors, in bathrooms, or around large appliances.
    • Picture a line between the Pods and be sure there are no metal objects in between.
    • Cox recommends a maximum of three Pods per household.
    • Pods increase congestion in MDUs.
  • Do not connect the Pods directly to the Panoramic Wifi Gateway. Pods will not activate if one is connected directly to the gateway.


Complete the following steps in the Cox Wifi app.

  1. From the Plug Any Pod Into a Wall Outlet screen, tap Next.

    image of tapping next
  2. From the Keep It Clear screen, tap Plugged In, Ready to Go!

    image of tapping plugged in, ready to go
  3. Follow the prompt to hold your device six to eight inches away from your first Pod to ensure that the app can associate the Pod with your account.

    image of hold your phone close screen

    Result: Your first Pod connects via your Cox Wifi app.

Now that your first Pod is connected in the Cox Wifi app, plug in your remaining Pods throughout the home, evenly spaced from each other and the Gateway to ensure even coverage.

  • In the Cox Wifi app, follow the prompts to associate each additional Pod with your account.
  • Use the image below to help you install your Pods throughout your home.

    image of wifi pods installed in areas of a home to optimize signal spread

    Note: Cox recommends a maximum of three Pods installed per home for best results.

In the Cox Wifi app, tap All Pods Ready to Go!


After you have connected your Pods, tap Name Your Pods.

  1. Tap a pod to name it. Hold your device close to that Pod.
  2. Assign the Pod a name, and tap Confirm Name.
  3. Repeat the steps above to name each remaining Pod.

    Note: You can name your Pods in any order, or you can skip naming your Pods by tapping Skip Naming Pods.

Tap Finish Setup.


Tap OK to end the set up.

Result: When you return to the Overview screen on the Cox Wifi app, a notification at the top of the screen indicates the Panoramic Wifi Gateway and Panoramic Wifi Pods are online. The light on the device stops flashing and remains off after the Pods are activated.


  • Pods use the first 24-72 period after activation to learn and optimize your in-home WiFi network.
  • Do not connect the gateway to any wired devices using the Ethernet port.
  • Panoramic Wifi Pods pair with your Panoramic Wifi gateway to create a mesh WiFi network. Mesh WiFi networks are designed to increase WiFi coverage but not increase speeds.

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