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Setting the Screensaver for Cox Homelife Touchscreen


The below table explains the commonly used screensavers.

Screensaver Description
None The screen never goes to screensaver.
Security Screen displays the Arm System tab from the Security app.
Camera Displays stills of the cameras attached to the security system. The stills will update every five seconds. If there is only one camera attached to the security system, a live video will display.
Clock A clock shows the customer's current time.
Blank Displays a blank screen.

Follow the steps below to set up the screensaver for your Cox Homelife touchscreen.

The touchscreen will not enter screensaver mode when it is armed.


On the touchscreen home screen, tap Settings.

Image of the touchscreen home page highlighting the Settings option

Enter the Master Code to proceed to the Settings menu.

Image of the touchscreenMaster Keypad Code screen

From the Settings menu, tap TouchScreen.

Image of the Settings menu highlighting the TouchScreen option


From the Touchscreen menu, tap Screensaver Configuration.

Image of the Touchscreen Settings menu highlighting the Screensaver Configuration option

Result: The Screensaver Configuration screen displays.


On the Screensaver Configuration screen complete the following steps:

  1. Tap the left Start Screensaver arrow to decrease the time elapsed before the screensaver activates. Tap the right Start Screensaver arrow to increase the time elapsed before the screensaver activates.

    Image of the Screensaver Configuratiuon screen highlighting the Start Screensaver option

    The maximum time elapsed is 30 minutes, the minimum is 5 minutes.

  2. Scroll to see the available screensavers. Tap the screensaver that you would like to use.

    Image of the Screensaver Configuratiuon screen highlighting the Select Screensaver Widget options

    Note: If the screensaver does not display, attempt to reboot the touchscreen.

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