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Setting the Cox Homelife Touchscreen to Night Mode


Follow this process to set your TouchScreen to automatically dim at a designated time each day. This is referred to as night mode.

The screen dims to level one, this is the lowest setting available.


On the TouchScreen home screen, tap Settings.


Enter the Master Code to proceed to the Settings menu.


From the Settings menu, tap TouchScreen.

highlights TouchScreen option

From the TouchScreen menu, tap Screen Configuration.

highlights Screen Configuration option


From the Screen Configuration menu, tap Screen Nighttime Settings.

highlights Screen Nighttime Settings option


On the Backlight Settings screen, set the times that you want your screen to automatically dim and brighten.

 highlights Settings page

The table below explains how to correctly set the backlight options.

Control Description
Backlight off at night Yes The screen dims during the designated time period.
No The screen does not dim during the designated time period. If it is set to dim after a period of inactivity, that still happens.
Backlight off time This is the time that the screen automatically dims to level one.
Backlight on time This is the time that the screen automatically brightens to the default level.

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