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Setting Reminders in the Homelife Care Family App


The Cox Homelife Care Family app works with your Homelife Care components, collects sensor data, and transmits information to your caregiver.

  • The Family app is managed by the caregiver and is included with your subscription plan.
  • From the Family app home screen, the My Account tab displays information on the caregiver, emergency contacts, subscriber nicknames, password options and the ability to set reminders for Homelife Care subscribers.

Follow the steps below to set a reminder.


From the My Account screen, at the bottom of the screen, press Reminders, and then swipe to the right.


From the Reminders screen, tap Add a Reminder.


From the drop down menu, select the time and day for the reminder notification. Tap the arrow next to Repeat to select days to repeat the reminder.


Tap Apply.


In the Message field, tap the arrow to open the Message screen.


On the Message screen, tap the pencil icon to enter a name for the reminder.


In the Message field, enter the message to display for the reminder notification.


Tap Apply.


On the Reminders Summary screen, tap Apply to set the reminder.

Result: The reminder is now active, and you can access it from My Accounts / Reminders.

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