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Setting Parental Controls for the Contour Amazon Prime Video App


With your Amazon Prime Video account, you can set Parental Controls to require a PIN to be used when accessing content with a certain rating.

Note: Your PIN for Amazon Prime is different from your Cox PIN.

You can choose from the following age ranges.
  • G - Videos suitable for General Audiences are available.
  • 7 - Videos suitable for General Audiences and older children are available.
  • 13 - Videos suitable for General Audiences, Family, and Teens and Young Adults are available.
  • 18 - All videos, including those not rated or for mature audiences, are available.
Note: The default setting is 18.

Follow these steps to set up the Parental Controls.
  1. From your computer, go to amazon.com/pin.
  2. In the Viewing restrictions section, select the restriction level.
  3. If you have not set up your Prime Video PIN, in the Prime Video PIN section set your pin and click Change.
  4. In the Apply viewing restrictions to section, check the Contour receiver check box.

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