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Setting a Purchase PIN on DVRs and Contour Receivers


A Purchase PIN gives you the ability to control purchases made directly from the Contour receiver, watchtv.cox.com, and the Contour app. The following are impacted when a four-digit PIN is created and turned on:

  • On Demand from Cox
  • Pay-Per-View Events
  • Network Subscriptions Upgrade

Use the following steps below to create and turn on or off a Purchase PIN.

Note: The Parental Control PIN may need to be established before a Purchase PIN can be set, refer to Setting a Parental Control PIN with Contour.


Press the CONTOUR button on the Cox remote.


Use the right arrow button to select the Settings gear icon, then press OK.


Press the down arrow to select Purchase PIN, then press OK.


From the Purchase PIN window, press OK.

  1. If the Purchase PIN is turned ON, enter the established Purchase PIN.

    Result: The Purchase PIN is turned off. All steps complete.

  2. If the Purchase PIN is Off, then continue to the next step. 

Use the number keys (0-9) to set a four-digit PIN.


Re-enter the four-digit PIN to verify.


Press EXIT to return to live TV.

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