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Selecting Audio Settings for a Motorola / Arris Advanced TV DVR Receiver



Using the Cox remote, press the SETTINGS button and then the A button.


Complete the following steps.

  1. Scroll to the Audio / Video preference and press SELECT.
  2. Scroll to Audio Settings.

    Result: Your current settings are displayed to the right.

In the image below, see the current settings for each column.

  • Variable (Volume Level)
  • Stereo (Analog Output)
  • Dolby Digital (Digital Output)
  • Wide (Dynamic Range)

List of audio options


To change a setting, use the right arrow key to begin the selection process then use the arrow keys to select the change, and then press SELECT.

  1. Volume Level
    • Variable - If you use the remote control to adjust television volume
    • Fixed - If you control your television volume through a separate stereo or surround sound receiver
  2. Audio Output
    • Mono
    • Stereo
    • Surround sound-Select this option if you have surround sound system or if your television has surround soundspeakers built-in.
  3. Digital Output
    • Pulse Code Modulated (PCM) - This is the default format of digital output.
    • Dolby Digital - If you have a unit, such as a stereo receiver, that can receive and decode Dolby Digitaloutput, use this option.
  4. Dynamic Range. This setting adjusts the audio spectrum for digital programming. Dynamic Range refers to the difference between the highest audio peaks and the
    lowest ones. Action movies, for instance, will use the full dynamic range while news programs will not. The Dynamic Range preference lets you control the volume of the high audio peaks.
    • Wide- Plays the entire audio dynamic range, including and highest and
      lowest sounds. This setting is appropriate for audio enthusiasts.
    • Medium - Slightly lowers the higher volumes.
    • Narrow - Dramatically lowers the higher volumes.

Press the EXIT button.

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