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Selecting Audio Settings for a Contour 2 Receiver



Press the CONTOUR button on the Cox remote.

Result: The Main Menu displays.


Select the Settings gear icon, then press OK.

Result: The Settings menu displays.


Select the Device Settings option, press OK.


Use the down arrow to select Audio, then press OK.


Use the down arrow to select HDMI Output, then press OK.


Use the left and right arrows to select one of the following.

    • Stereo - Audio will be output in stereo.
    • Auto Detect - HDMI output based on the capabilities of your connected audio system.
    • Expert Mode - The best available Dolby sound will be passed through to your audio system. This may not be compatible with voice guidance or some audio systems.
  1. Press OK.
    Result: A blue check mark displays next to the selected setting.

    Image of HDMI Audio Output Setting
  2. On the remote, press Exit to return to live TV.

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