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Selecting a TV Input


There's a variety of input options on the back of your TV. Depending on the model, an HDTV may have a lot of inputs to connect a variety of devices.

To see and hear programs, your HDTV must be set to the device you want to watch.

  • To watch Cable TV, change the TV input to the cable box connection.
  • To display a DVD player or movie, you change to the input where the DVD player is connected.

Input Example Chart

Use the table as an example view of which device is associated with which input.

CamcorderVideo Input 1
Game ConsoleVideo Input 3
VCRVideo Input 4
Cox HD Cable ReceiverVideo Input 5
DVD PlayerVideo Input 6
HDMI DeviceVideo Input 7

HDTV back panel, and the RT-U62 Cox remote

Selecting the HDTV Input

  1. Turn on the cable receiver and HDTV.
  2. Press the TV button once on the Cox remote.
  3. Press the VIDEO SOURCE or INPUT button on the Cox remote to switch from one video input source to another.

    If you are unable to change the video input source with the Cox remote control, use the remote control that came with your HDTV. If the remote does not have a VIDEO SOURCE or INPUT button, refer to the HDTV user’s guide for instructions on changing the input source.

  4. Continue to press the VIDEO SOURCE or INPUT button until the phrase HDTV Video Input displays on the TV screen.
    • If the phrasing or options are unclear, turn on the device you want to watch – in this case the HDTV -- press the INPUT button on the remote that came with the HDTV, and begin selecting each option on the menu until regular TV programming returns to the HDTV screen.
    • Some TVs use the phrasing such as Video Input 1, Cable STB, HDMI, and so on to describe the currently selected video input. Refer to the HDTV user guide for the wording specific to your HDTV.
  5. Exit the INPUT screen to watch video from the selected device.

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