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Securing Your Cox.com Account


Worried about suspicious activity impacting your online accounts? At Cox, we take online security seriously and take every possible precaution and security measure to protect your accounts and information. Unfortunately, there are some factors or threats outside of our control which may expose you to this type of activity. We highly recommend that you remain vigilant in protecting your personal information online.

We've created the following guide to help you identify malicious activity and how to take action to protect your Cox online accounts.

What Does Suspicious Online Activity Look Like?

Spammers or hackers use email or other online accounts to send spam or conduct illegal activities without your knowledge. Use the following information to identify common warning signs of suspicious activity.

  • Your account password was changed unexpectedly.
  • Multiple unknown secondary email addresses may have appeared on your account.
  • Emails have been sent from your email account to unknown email addresses.
  • A number of undeliverable email errors appear in your inbox.
  • Call forwarding is enabled or unexplained international long distance charges are present on your account.
  • You received a notification in My Account, Cox Browser Alert, or an email from the Cox Communications Security Team.

How Does Cox Protect Customers?

Cox works nonstop to proactively identify compromised accounts and take aggressive steps to protect customers. When necessary to protect our customers and network, Cox suspends accounts due to suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Securing Your Cox Accounts

Use the following steps to secure your Cox online accounts when you suspect suspicious activity.


Complete the following steps on Cox.com in My Account.


Do you have a Cox Email account?

  • If yes, then check for and remove unauthorized email auto forwarding rules, filter rules, signature changes, secondary users, or other settings that may have been changed without your knowledge. Refer to Managing Secondary Users in My Account and Cox Email Settings for more information.
  • If no, then continue to the next step.

Do you subscribe to Cox Voice or Cox Digital Telephone?

  • If yes, then access Voice Tools on Cox.com or use the Voice Everywhere app to review recent long distance calls or charges, and check that your call forwarding or other settings are set to your preferences. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • If no, then continue to the next step.

Run malware and virus scans on all devices used to access the internet in order to eliminate any additional threats.


If you use the same login credentials on multiple web sites, then the initial suspicious activity could have occurred on any of those web sites. As such, Cox recommends updating all of your login credentials to unique combinations that have never been used before to help prevent this from occurring again.

Do you have any additional questions or concerns? Refer to Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft or contact us.

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