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Seasonal Service Policy


You can choose to place any combination of Cox TV, Internet, and Phone service into seasonal status when you will be away from your home for an extended period. seasonal service keeps the account in active billing, so when you return your services can be activated quickly and conveniently.

Duration and Frequency Restrictions

Use the following information to determine the duration and frequency restrictions for seasonal services.

  • Services can be on seasonal for no longer than nine months within a year and must remain on seasonal for a minimum of thirty days.
  • After nine consecutive months of seasonal, or a total of nine months within a rolling year, services are subject to return to full billing as subscribed to prior to activating seasonal service.
  • A service can be placed on seasonal no more than twice in a year, with a minimum of thirty days of regular billing in between.
  • Service cannot be placed in seasonal status within the first month after activation.
  • You can put different services on seasonal at different times, but you must restore all services at the same time.
  • Seasonal service is not to be used for temporary service issues such as a broken TV or computer.

Activating Seasonal Service

To activate seasonal service, and to learn more about the features of the service, contact Customer Support for assistance.

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