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Searching for a Program on the Mini Box


The Program Guide makes it easier to locate television programs.

Use the following information to access and manage the Mini Box program guide.

  • The guide displays in 16:9 UI Aspect Ratio.
  • Use the Mini Box remote control, refer to Remote Control User Guide.

Use one of the following two methods to search programs.

Access Method Process
From the Guide
  1. On the Cox remote, complete one of the following.
    • Press Menu and highlight Guide and press Select.
    • Press Guide.
      • Press the Up or Down arrow to move the highlight bar from one channel to the next.
      • Press the CH Up or CH Down to move the highlighted bar up or down one screen.
  2. On the highlighted program, press Select.
    Result: The Guide closes and the TV is tuned to the highlighted channel.
    Note: The channel displays even if the program has not yet started.
From Main Menu
  1. On the Cox remote, press Menu.
  2. Press the up or down arrows to highlight Search.
  3. Look up programs using the keypad.
    Results: You will see programs start to populate in the middle section and the program details display in the last section.
  4. Use the arrow keys to highlight the program and press Select.

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