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Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240HDC and 8240HD High Definition DVR Receivers


image of Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240HDC Front Panel


Receiver Capabilities

HD Capable

Up to 2 simultaneous DVR recordings

Up to 70.1 hours of SD recording

Up to 25.6 hours of HD recording

Compatible with external hard drive

Note: Estimated storage claim will vary with mix of HD and SD recordings.

Guide Version

Advanced TV

Installation Guides

Use the guides below for instructions on how to connect this receiver to a TV.

Connection Type Video Cable Connected to TV
Standard Definition Coax (PNG)
Standard Definition Composite (PNG)
Standard Definition S-Video (PNG)
High Definition Component (PNG)
High Definition HDMI (PNG)

Front View

image of Scientific Atlanta 8240 HDC Front View

Click to enlarge.

Number Description Active
1 Power Button Yes
2 List Button Yes
3 Exit Button Yes
4 Info Button Yes
5 Guide Button Yes
6 IR Sensor Yes
7 LED Display Yes
8 Volume +/- Buttons Yes
9 Channel +/- Buttons Yes
10 Select Button Yes
11 Smart Card Slot No
12 USB Port No

Back View

image of Scientific Atlanta 8240 HDC Back View

Click to enlarge.

Number Description Active
1 Cable In Yes
2 Cable Out Yes
3 Component Out Yes
4 Digital Audio Out Yes
5 Secondary Composite Out Yes
6 Audio Out Yes
7 Optical Audio Out Yes
8 S-Video Out Yes
9 HDMI Out Yes
10 IR Port No
11 eSATA Port Yes
12 1394 Yes
13 AC Outlet Yes
14 AC Power In Yes


  • Height: 3.25"
  • Width: 15.60"
  • Depth: 11.20"

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