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Scheduling a Series Recording on a Cox TV DVR



Tune to the show you want to record, or navigate to it in the onscreen guide.


Using the Cox remote, press REC.


Use the down arrow to highlight Record Series, then press SELECT.


From the Series Recording Options menu, use the up and down arrows to move between rows, and the left and right arrows to change the following settings.

  • Episodes - Choose to record first-run only or all episodes of a show.
  • Channel - Choose to record only from the currently selected or displayed channel or from any channel.
  • Time - Choose a specific airtime to record or record any time the show is on.
  • Keep - Choose to keep all recorded episodes or up to the 15 most recently recorded episodes.
  • Save Until - Choose to save each recording until space is needed on the DVR, or until you watch or delete it.
  • Start - Choose to start each recording up to 30 minutes early or up to 10 minutes late.
  • End - Choose to end each recording up to 10 minutes early, or up to 3 hours late.

Press B to confirm the series recording.

Result: A double checkmark recording icon displays in the onscreen guide for all episodes scheduled to record as part of the series recording.

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