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Scheduling a Payment Option Online

Use the following information to determine the type of payment option you would like to schedule. For more information or assistance, contact us.

  • Schedule a Future Payment: This prevents a service interruption by scheduling a payment that is drafted on a future date.
    • The payment is drafted from the method of payment on the scheduled date.
    • The method of payment and date cannot be adjusted or canceled once scheduled.
  • Extend Payment Due Date: This informs us that you are aware of your account status and schedules a day you are committed to making a payment.
    • A transaction is not completed on the scheduled date until you return to add a method of payment.
    • The payment must be made by 5:00 pm on a committed day to avoid a service interruption.

Note: If you subscribe to Cox Mobile, you are not eligible for the following options.

Select one of the following to adjust your payment option.

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