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Running a Channel Scan on a Mini Box / DTA


By default, the Cox Mini Box automatically runs channel scans during the activation process. If you are missing channels or have upgraded or downgraded your service, use the following steps to run a channel scan.

Note: Live TV cannot display during the channel scan.


Press the Cox Menu button on the remote control.


From the Main Menu, press the Up or Down arrows on the remote control until the Customer Support option is highlighted, then press Select or the Right arrow.


From the Customer Service Menu, press the Up or Down arrows until the Technical Support option is highlighted, then press Select or the Right arrow.

Result: The highlight bar moves to the middle pane of the menu.


From the Mini Box info menu, press the Down arrow until the Channel Scan option is highlighted, then press Select.

Result: A dialog box displays.


Press Select to begin the channel scan.

Result: A message displays on a black screen indicating the scan is in progress. After the channel scan completes, a dialog box displays indicating all appropriate channels are now available.


Press Select to dismiss the dialog box.

Result: The mini box automatically tunes to the first channel in the lineup.

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