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Returning Your Leased Homelife Touchscreen


If you have a leased Homelife Touchscreen Control Panel that you need to return to Cox after disconnecting Homelife services, you may return it via UPS, at no extra cost to you. You may also return the touchscreen to your local Cox retail store. You need to return your leased equipment to Cox within ten days to avoid any unreturned equipment fees.

Note: The only equipment that needs to be returned is the touchscreen, all other devices are owned by you.

Contact Cox Homelife at 877-404-2568 to request a Touchscreen Return Kit. If you are not sure whether your touchscreen is leased from Cox, then check your last bill statement or ask the Homelife representative.

Once you receive the Touchscreen Return Kit, follow the instructions to properly disconnect the touchscreen from your power outlet, and ship it back to Cox using the prepaid label.

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