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Returning Your Leased Homelife Security Touchscreen or Automation Hub


If you have a leased Homelife Touchscreen, used with Security, or a leased Homelife Hub, used with Automation, that you need to return to Cox after disconnecting Homelife services, you may return it using one of the following options.

  • Return the Homelife Touchscreen or Homelife Hub to your nearest UPS store. No box is required.
  • Return the Homelife Touchscreen or Homelife Hub to your nearest Cox Solution Store. No box is required.
  • For an accessibility option, call Customer Care (877-404-2568) and request a prepaid label and return box for UPS home pickup.

The only equipment that needs to be returned is the leased Homelife Touchscreen or the Homelife Hub. All other devices are owned by you. If you are unsure if your Homelife Touchscreen is leased from Cox, you can check your last bill statement or call at 1-877-404-2568 and ask a Homelife representative.

Important: If you do not return the Homelife Touchscreen or Homelife Hub within ten days, the following non-return fees will be charged to you. If you return either device after 10 days, the fee will be credited to your account.

Device Non-return Fee
Homelife Touchscreen Control Panel $304.00
Homelife Hub $50.00

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