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Returning Calls or Text With Cox Connect


The information in this solution is no longer applicable and will be archived. If you have this link saved in your favorites, please remove it. If you reached this solution via a link from another solution, please let us know by using the Comment On Solution option in KEY, so that we can remove this link.

Using the Cox Connect app, you can access the Home Phone feature to review your home phone call history. The numbers in your history log can be used to make phone calls and send texts via your mobile phone service.

Important: Be sure to install the Cox Connect app on your smart phone or other mobile device before you begin.

  1. Launch the Cox Connect app.
  2. Sign in with your User ID and Password.
    Note: If you do not remember your password, click the Forgot User ID / Password? link.
  3. Under the Voice Tools section of the Home screen, tap the Calls icon.

    Cox Connect app, highlighting the Call option.
Tap the desired phone number from the All Calls default list, or tap Missed Calls at the top of the screen to access another set of numbers. If you choose Voice Mail you get the option to play the voicemail.

Cox Connect app, highlighting call options.

Note: Returning long-distance phone calls using Cox Voice Mail functionality will result in Cox long-distance charges being assessed, including calls made from customers with Toll Restrictions on their Cox account.

Tap Call or Send Message.

Cox Connect app, highlighting Call and Send Message options.

Result: The following occurs based on your selection.

  • Call  - Dials the requested number.
  • Send Message - A text message screen displays allowing you to create your text.


Note: If you are using a tablet you will not see these options.

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