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Restoring Connectivity to the Automation Hub


Use the following steps to reconnect the Homelife hub to an updated Wi-Fi network. When the home Wi-Fi SSID or password is changed then the Automation hub loses connection and the LED light displays a solid red light.

Important: Allow the Automation hub to display offline before reconnecting to the network. The hub takes a minimum of six minutes to report offline after it has lost connectivity to the network.


Locate the Homelife Hub.

Image of the Homelife Automation Hub

Note: The hub is usually plugged into an outlet central to your home.

  1. Remove the hub from the power outlet.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Plug the hub back in.

    Result: After a short time, the LED will turn white.

  4. After the LED turns white, open the Homelife mobile app and check to see if connection has been restored.
    • If connection has been restored, no further action is needed. All steps complete.
    • If connection has not been restored, continue to the next step.

From the Homelife mobile app, on the Overview screen, tap the Notifications icon.

image of notification icon


Does the Hub Offline message display?

  • If yes, then continue to the next step.
  • If no, then allow a minimum of six minutes for the hub to report offline. Refresh the screen and continue as needed.

image of notification icon


The Hub Offline screen displays the instructions to reconnect the hub to your Wi-Fi network. Check that your hub is plugged in and receiving power.

  1. If the hub is not receiving power, follow these steps.
    • Test the outlet with another appliance to confirm the outlet is working properly.
    • Is that outlet controlled by a wall switch? Confirm the switch is in the ON position.
    • Is there a power outage?
  2. If the hub is receiving power, tap Reconnect.
    image of reconnect

The Home Wi-Fi Connection screen displays the instructions to confirm the Wi-Fi network is working.

  1. If the Wi-Fi is not working after following the instructions, tap No and then troubleshoot your Internet connection.
  2. If the Wi-Fi is working, tap Yes.

    Image of Wi-Fi Connection screen


On the Network Update screen, it questions if there was a change to network name or password. Tap Reconnect.

Image of Network Update screen


On the hub illustration screen, follow the instructions and steps below.

  1. Double tap the WPS / Pair button on the side of the hub.

    Image of Automation Hub Reset Button

  2. Watch the LED light to confirm it displays a pulsing red light indicating it is in pairing mode.

    Note: If the light does not pulse red, double tap the WPS / Pair button again.

  3. Once the LED pulses red, return to the mobile app. Tap Continue to move to the next step.

    Image of Tap Button Twice screen


On the Connect to Hub Network screen, instructions are displayed to change their Wi-Fi network to the Cox network. Minimize the Homelife mobile app to continue with the next step.

Image of Connect to Hub Network screen

Do not to close or sign out of the Homelife app.


Access the main screen on your mobile device and select Settings > Wi-Fi.

Image of Mobile App Settings Screen


On the Wi-Fi screen, tap the Cox_XXXXXX network to connect to the Automation hub.

Image of Mobile App Settings and Wi-Fi Screen

Note: The Cox_XXXXXX is the hub's SSID, it is listed as Cox_ and contains the last six characters of the hub's MAC address.


Return to the Homelife mobile app.

  1. On the Home Wi-Fi screen, tap the SSID for the home Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks.
  2. If the home Wi-Fi network does not display on the list of nearby networks, tap the My home network does not appear link and manually enter in the network credentials.

    Image of Choose Your Home Wi-Fi screen


  • When pairing the hub to a home's network, if an SSID has a space in front or back of it, the hub does not recognize the network. The space is not recognized during the activation process. In this case, you must change your SSID to something without the space in the front or back of the SSID name; you can use an SSID with spaces between the words.
  • Confirm the security setting on your router is set to WPA2 before attempting to reconnect.

On the Home Wi-Fi Network screen, complete the following steps.

  1. Enter your home network password.
  2. Tap Continue to reconnect the server.

    Image of Home Wi-Fi Network screen

On the Connecting to Server screen, the progress bar indicates the hub is connecting to the network.

Image of Connecting to Server Progress Bar

The Overview screen displays after the connection completes. Verify all devices, except for cameras, are online and continue using the Homelife system. Cameras must be re-paired to the system after re-establishing the network connection to the hub. Review Pairing the HD Camera for Homelife Automation for the steps to re-pair the camera.


If these steps have not restored the connectivity to the hub, call Homelife Support at 1-877-404-2586.

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