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Requirements to Unlock Your Cox Mobile Device


Review the following requirements to unlock your Cox Mobile Apple device to be used with another wireless carrier.

  • Your Cox Mobile number must be active on the device you are wanting to unlock.

    Note: If the number is disconnected or inactive, then chat with us to unlock your device.

  • Your device must have been purchased from Cox Mobile.
  • Your Cox Mobile account must be in good standing with no overdue payments.
  • Your device must not have been reported lost or stolen or involved in fraudulent activity.
  • At least 60 days must have passed since the device was activated on a Cox Mobile line and detected by the Cox Mobile network, through cellular activity / data usage. For example, if a purchased device begins using cellular data on January 1st, then it would be eligible for unlock on March 1st.

      • Completing activation through the Cox Mobile Activation Portal may not constitute network activity.
      • Network activity is defined as placing or receiving calls or text messages, using the internet such as downloading apps or browsing while on the cellular network.
      • Solely using WiFi for your connection will not register the required network activity described in this requirement.

  • To process the device unlock, your device must connected to a cellular or WiFi network and signed into an iCloud account.

Once you have ensured that your device meets the requirements listed above, see Unlocking Your Device on Cox.com to unlock your device. If you are still having issues unlocking your device, chat with us.

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