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Replacing the Batteries in the Cox Homelife Door Locks


The following is used to support the door lock and battery.

  • The lock is powered by four alkaline batteries located on the interior side of the lock, under the interior cover.
  • The recommended battery is a new non-rechargeable alkaline battery.
  • Based on ten operations per day, the battery is expected to lock for over a year. Systems that sit idle may continue to be operational for longer.
  • The following help to extend the battery life.
    • Get the maximum out of your batteries life by establishing the lock setting switches to position one, two, and three.
    • Ensure the door is aligned and the lock is not making several attempts to lock or unlock, causing excessive battery use.
    • Avoid turning on the keypad light more than necessary.

Complete the following steps.

  1. Using the hex key provided, remove the three screws that hold the interior cover in place.

    The hex key is size 3/32. If you misplace it, a replacement can be purchased at a hardware store.

    Remove screws from door lock

  2. Remove the interior cover.

    Remove interior cover from door lock


Remove the battery pack.

Remove battery pack

Remove the old batteries.

Removing old batteries

Place four new alkaline batteries in the battery pack.

Replacing with new batteries

Reinstall the battery pack. Make certain the arrows on the DOOR indicator are pointing towards the door.

Reinstalling battery pack

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