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Replacing Batteries in Door Locks


Follow the instructions below or watch the video for steps to replace the alkaline batteries in the Cox Homelife Door Locks.

Kwikset Brand AA Alkaline Battery (4)
Image of the Brass Door Lock Image of AA batteries

For detailed battery replacement instructions for the door lock see Programming and Operating Your Cox Homelife Door Locks.

  1. Locate the battery pack which is housed on the interior side of the lock, under the interior cover.
  2. Using the 3/32 hex key that you were provided at the time of installation, remove the three screws that hold the interior cover in place.
  3. Remove the interior cover.
  4. Remove the battery pack.
  5. Remove the old batteries and dispose of them properly, as recommended by the battery manufacturer.
  6. Place four new alkaline batteries in the battery pack.
  7. Reinstall the battery pack. Make certain the arrows on the DOOR indicator are pointing towards the door.
  8. After replacing the equipment battery, acknowledge any error on the touchscreeen and then reboot it. Refer to Rebooting the Homelife Touchscreen.

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