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Rebooting the Homelife Router


Follow the steps below to reboot the Homelife router.


Complete the following steps.

  1. Locate and reboot the following devices.
    Note: To reboot the devices, remove and reinsert the power cable on each device.

    • Cable modem / eMTA
    • Personal home router
    • Homelife WRN1000 Netgear Router
  2. Wait five minutes for the devices to come back online.

Connect the Ethernet cable from the cable modem / eMTA to the WAN port (yellow port) on your personal home router.

Personal Home Router


Verify your Homelife WRN1000 Netgear Router is physically connected to your home router or cable modem. Connect the Ethernet cable from your personal home router (any available port 1 – 4) to the Homelife WRN1000 Netgear Router’s WAN port (yellow port).

Homelife WRN1000 netgear router


Verify you have green lights with a flashing blue light on the front of the Homelife WRN1000 Netgear Router.

Note: If you do not see green lights, then additional troubleshooting is required. For more information, contact us.

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