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Programming Instructions for the Cox THAD 2000 Remote Control


THAD 2000 digital remote

Follow the steps below to program the remote control to control a TV, VCR, or DVD player.


Find the programming codes for your brand of device manufacturer.

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. Press and hold the TV, VCR, or DVD button and the SELECT button until the LED light on the remote control blinks twice.
  3. Enter the first three-digit programming code for your device.

    Result: The LED on the remote control blinks twice.

Aim the remote at the device you are programming and press the power button.

  • If the device turns off press the button that corresponds to your device type.
  • If the device does not turn off, complete the following.
    1. Repeat Step 2 above.
    2. Enter the next three-digit code.
    3. If the device does not turn off, repeat Steps 2 through 3 until the device turns off.

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