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POP or POP3 Server Settings


Cox Email is a free service that was included with all Cox High Speed Internet packages. As of August 15, 2019, Cox Email is no longer available to new users.

Use the following POP server settings information to set up your Cox Email on most devices and email client programs.

  • Using POP settings may cause issues with syncing email across all your devices. If you use POP settings, set the email client to Leave Messages on Server to provide additional backup copies of your email messages.
  • When using the setting Leave Messages on Server, Cox recommends that you regularly check your mailbox storage to ensure you do not reach your mailbox storage quota. See the section regarding Cox Email at www.cox.com/aboutus/policies/speeds-and-data-plans.html for more information regarding mailbox storage quota.
  • Different devices and email clients might name the settings differently or might not offer all of the following settings.
Cox Server Names Port Settings
pop.cox.net Incoming POP port: 995
  • Enable SMTP authentication for outgoing email, and then enter your Cox Email address and password
  • Enter one of the following port numbers based on the encryption type
    • If the encryption type is SSL or SSL/TLS, then use 465
    • If the encryption type is TLS or if your device doesn't support encryption, then use 587

The security encryption version your email client uses is dependent upon your device operating system and email client versions. To ensure you're using TLS 1.0 or higher, Cox recommends that you upgrade your device's operating system and email client to the latest versions available from the manufacturer.

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