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Placing a Call Using the Cox Voice Everywhere App Dialpad


Follow the steps below to place a call using the Cox Voice Everywhere app.

Note: Android users must edit the microphone permissions to allow the app to transmit audio.

911 calling is not supported from the app. If you dial 911 from the app, then the call is transferred to a cellular wireless service center which may delay emergency services.


Locate and tap Keypad at the bottom of the app to bring up the dialpad.

Image of cox voice everywhere dialpad


Enter the desired number to call, then tap the green phone button to initiate the call.


During the call, complete any of the options below.

Option Icon Description
Speaker image of speaker icon Tap to place the call on speaker.
Mute image of mute icon Tap to mute the microphone.
Keypad image of keypad icon Tap to open the keypad for entering numbers while on call.
Add Call image of add call icon Tap to Add an another caller to initiate a conference call.

Tap the red phone button to end the call.

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