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Phone Features


As of August 23, 2017, a la carte Custom Calling Features in the Virginia Local Tariff are no longer available for new residential customers. New customers may subscribe to the Premier package to receive custom calling features.

Use the matrix below to learn details about digital telephone features.

Feature Description Activate / Deactivate
Busy Line Redial Busy Line Redial notifies you when the number you are calling is free. *66 / *86
Call Forwarding Forward incoming calls to another phone. *72 / *73
Call Forwarding Busy Forward incoming calls to another phone when your line is busy. *90 / *91
Call Forwarding No Answer Forward incoming calls to another phone when the call is not answered in a determined number of rings. *92 / *93
Call Trace If you receive a harassing call, use Call Trace to log the call. *57
Call Waiting Receive calls even while you are already on the phone. *37 / *38

To disable for one call: *70
Caller ID Per Call Blocking Caller ID Per Call Blocking prevents your name and number from being displayed on a per call basis. *67
Caller ID Per Line Blocking Caller ID Per Line Blocking prevents your name and number from being permanently displayed. To suspend for one call: *82
Long Distance Alert Long Distance Alert uses a distinctive ring to notify you of long distance calls. *49
Selective Call Accept Only receive calls from select callers. *64
Selective Call Forward Forward calls from select callers to another phone. *63
Selective Call Reject Reject calls from select callers. *60
Three Way Calling Talk to two different people at the same time. *71
Priority Ring Creates a distinctive ring to announce calls from specified numbers. *61
Speed Calling Create a Top 8 list of numbers to dial with just one digit. *74
Call Return Easily dial the last number that called you. *69 / *89
Anonymous Call Rejection Block callers who hide their caller ID information. *77 / *87

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