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Payment Status Changes on the Recent Activity Page


Refer to the following table to determine the definition of the possible status of payments.

Payment Status Definition
Scheduled You have future dated a payment.
  • You can cancel a scheduled payment 24 hours before the schedule date by clicking the word CANCEL located on the Recent Activity page.
  • An immediate payment cannot be canceled online because it’s already in the transaction process.
  • The minute we receive a payment, we update your account and email you a Payment Received notification.
  • Based on the type of payment, your account is updated as payment scheduled, pending, or processed.
  • On the day the payment occurs, the payment is pending the completion of the transaction process between financial institutions.
  • The transaction process is complete within 24 to 36 hours.
  • When paying in cash at one of our payment centers, there is no pending process.
Processed When the payment transaction process is complete, we update your payment status as processed and email you a Payment Processed notification.

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