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Panoramic WiFi


Panoramic WiFi from Cox is a high speed internet experience designed to meet your needs by offering wall-to-wall WiFi coverage, fast speeds, and support tools to manage your in-home WiFi networks.

With eligible equipment, Panoramic WiFi includes Smart WiFi features with the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, Pods, and web portal at wifi.cox.com. See Panoramic Wifi App and Pods for more details.

Panoramic WiFi optimizes the in-home WiFi experience and provides all of the following features and benefits.

Feature Benefit Details
Panoramic WiFi Gateway Premium WiFi Modem for great WiFi speeds and experience 802.11-AC Dual Band WiFi Modem
WiFi-Centric Professional Install Expert technicians to ensure coverage throughout the home Our technicians walk the home using a WiFi analyzer tool to identify dead zones and recommend coverage options.
My WiFi Easy-to-use tool to manage and control in-home WiFi networks. My WiFi at www.cox.com/mywifi offers customers the following options to monitor, manage, and control their in-home WiFi network. See Managing Your In-Home WiFi Network With My WiFi for more details.
  • View primary and guest WiFi networks (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)
  • Change WiFi security settings
  • View and change the in-home WiFi network name (SSID)
  • View and change the WiFi password
  • Broadcast or hide their SSID
  • Set the band channel
  • Name or rename devices
  • View signal strength and connected devices

    Note: The Cox Connect app has some WiFi management options available. See Managing Your In-Home WiFi Network With Cox Connect for more details.
Support 24/7 support to make sure you are always connected 
  • Enhanced support is available 24/7 to help keep your in-home WiFi up and running.
  • WiFi consultations available from a technician for a fee of $75.


In order to receive Panoramic WiFi, you must rent a Panoramic Wifi Gateway.

For quick and easy access, you can sign in and order Panoramic WiFi online.

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