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Panoramic Wifi App, Web Portal, and Pods

Panoramic Wifi from Cox is a high speed internet experience designed to meet your needs by offering wall-to-wall WiFi coverage, fast speeds, and support tools to manage your home WiFi networks. With eligible equipment, Panoramic Wifi includes Smart Wifi features with the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, Pods, and web portal at wifi.cox.com.

Smart Wifi

To be eligible for Panoramic Wifi with Smart Wifi features, you must have a compatible Panoramic Wifi Gateway, such as the Arris TG1682, Technicolor CGM4141, or Technicolor CGM4331 installed in your home. Use the following table to see an overview of the Smart Wifi features.

Panoramic Wifi App
  • Manage your WiFi devices, in-home WiFi network, and Panoramic Wifi Pods.
  • View network activity by profile, device, and home for the past 24 hours or 30 days.

    Note: Visit www.cox.com/internettools/data-usage.html for more information or to access your Data Usage Meter.
  • Download the free Cox Panoramic Wifi app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Available for mobile devices and tablets with iOS version 11.0 or later and Android 6.0 or later.
  • To sign in, use your Cox primary user ID and password.
Panoramic Wifi Pods

Pods are designed to improve coverage, not speeds, and in most homes are ideal for activities such as 4K streaming and web browsing.

  • Help eliminate dead spots or areas in your home where the WiFi signal strength is weak or not available.
  • Provide consistent WiFi coverage throughout your home.

  • Pods pair with your Panoramic Wifi Gateway and Cox Wifi app.
  • Visit www.cox.com/wifipods to purchase a Panoramic Wifi Pod.
  • Activate your Pods using the Cox Wifi App.
Panoramic Wifi Web Portal

With the web portal, you can view your connected devices, in-home WiFi network, and Panoramic Wifi Pods.

  • To access the web portal, go to wifi.cox.com.
  • To sign in, use your Cox primary user ID and password.

    Note: Pods must be activated with the Cox Wifi app rather than the web portal.

Note: If you connect a third-party router to the Panoramic Wifi Gateway using what is known as bridge mode, Panoramic Wifi and Pods are no longer compatible.

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