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Pairing the HD Camera for Homelife Automation


If the HD camera becomes unpaired to the Automation hub because your home Wi-Fi SSID or password changed, you will need to repair the camera after you have completed the steps in Restoring Connectivity to the Automation Hub.

Follow the steps below to pair the HD camera to your Cox Homelife Automation system.


Sign in to the Homelife mobile app.


From the Overview screen, tap the More menu.


From the More screen, tap Manage Devices.


From the Manage Devices screen, tap Add Devices.

Image of Manage Devices screen highlighitng Add Device


From the Add Devices screen, select Cameras.


Follow the instructions on the screen to power up and then pair your HD camera.


Locate the WPS button on the customer's Wi-Fi router and press it to begin the wireless pairing process.

If there is not a WPS button on the router, you must connect the camera to the router using the white pairing Y cable during the pairing process.

Image of HD Camera - Router Install


Look at the front of the camera and ensure both green lights are lit and blinking. This indicates the camera is ready to pair. The Cox Homelife mobile app now completes the pairing process.


After the pairing process is complete, the camera displays on the Manage Devices screen.

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