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Online Payment Error


The following error is presented when a restriction on your account requiring a cash payment. The most common reason for this error message is due to two previous returned payments.

"Please visit any Cox Retail location to make a cash payment for this account. The account is not currently eligible for online or phone payments. For more information, please Contact Us."

Returned Payment Policy

Refer to the information below regarding returned payments.

  • For check payments, Cox presents your check to the bank for processing. If funds are not available in your bank account for the check to clear, the check payment is re-presented, and the bank may charge a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee.
  • If the first re-presentment fails, a second re-presentment can occur. If there are no available funds in the account, you could be charged another NSF fee again by the bank.
  • To resolve NSF fees charged by the bank, the customer should contact their financial institution to dispute those charges.
  • If all attempts to clear the customer's check payment fail, the payment is returned to Cox, and the original check payment is reversed. A return payment fee is applied to your account.

Payment Restriction

Payment restrictions occur if there are two returned payments with any combination of the following.

  • A rejected or chargeback credit card or debit card transaction
  • Any returned or rejected check or direct deposit transaction, including electronic checks

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