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Notice to Cox Email Users to Link Accounts


Cox recognizes the importance of email in your daily life. To help improve your email experience, we are upgrading the Cox Email platform to deliver an easier to use interface and even better performance than today.

To prepare for the upgrade, we’re notifying a small number of Cox Email users that their accounts are not currently linked to their Cox account numbers and are at risk of losing access to their Cox Email accounts if they do not take action. These email notifications are not spam or phishing attempts.

What Do I Need To Do?

Contact us to link your Cox Email to your Cox High Speed Internet account number. Please be ready to provide us with your Cox PIN or the answer to the Secret Question on your account. You may also have to provide your current Cox service address and account number.

By contacting us within the timeframe specified in the email notification, your Cox Email account will remain intact and accessible.

If you have not received an email notification, you are not impacted and do not need to take action to preserve your Cox Email account.

What if I'm No Longer a Cox Customer?

Per our email policies, if customers wish to keep their messages and contacts after disconnecting Cox High Speed Internet service, they must move their Cox Email content to another email provider. We know switching email providers is never easy. Below are a few resources to help you move content from your Cox Email to an external account.

Note: To use the following tips, be sure to first set up your Cox Email in an email client program such as Outlook. Refer to Setting Up an Email Account in Windows for details.

  1. In your email client program, export the files you want to keep to a local file. For example, Outlook uses the file format .pst.
  2. Set up your new email account from your new provider in your email client program. Contact your external email account provider for assistance.
  3. To gain access to your saved Cox Email content, import the local file to your new account.

The following manufacturer support resources can help you move Cox Email content to your external email account. For full support on moving content to your external email account, Cox recommends that you contact your new email provider.

Manufacturer Support Link
Google Gmail Support
Microsoft Outlook Support
Mozilla Thunderbird Support

Alternatively, there are also free and paid software options available to archive your email or address book.

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