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Navigating the Contour 2 Parental Control Menu and Options


Use and Navigate the Contour 2 Parental Control Menu to activate a variety of features to ensure a safe and comfortable TV experience.

These settings only apply to the receiver being used and need to be set up on each receiver, as needed.


Parental Control Simulation Launch Screen

Learn About Parental Controls

Set up a Parental Control PIN and take control of your families viewing options. Protect your viewing experience by adjusting a variety of features including:

  • Safe Browse
  • Safe Search
  • Movie Rating Locks
  • TV Rating Locks
  • Channel Locks
  • Title Locks
  • Day and Time Locks
  • On Demand Locks
  • Application Locks
  • Snooze Pin
  • PIN History
  • Reset Parental Controls

Customize and take control to ensure you only see what you, and your family, want.

Experience the Menu Here

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