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Navigating the Contour 1 Settings Menu


Use and navigate the Contour settings menu to assist customers with a variety of settings options to customize the viewing experience. 


Below is an example of the Contour 1 guide. If you do not see a similar image when you press the MENU button on your remote, you may have a different TV service.

image of a program with the Contour 1 main menu displaying on the lower right side

Contour Settings Menu

The Contour guide provides a variety of settings to customize the guide and profile experience. Create, change, and adjust any of the settings menus indicated below.

  • Users - Profile creation and management
  • Parental Controls - Change and determine access to a variety of channel and rating features
  • Channels - Set up favorite channels lists and other channel features
  • Guide Options - Control specific guide features like recommendations, search, banners and closed captioning
  • Audio & Video - Adjust the output and settings features
  • Timers - Control the sleep, power on and off features, and reminders
  • Receivers - Adjust specific receiver features and access your network setup
Experience the Menu Here

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