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MTS, Stereo, or SAP Issues


Complete the following steps to troubleshoot if you have MTS, Stereo, or SAP problems.
If you have a lack of stereo separation, it could be SAP or MTS are set to mono instead of stereo or broadcast programming is not in stereo.
  1. Locate a button on the remote control for the television marked: MTS, AUDIO, STEREO or SAP.
  2. Press the button until the correct audio is restored. This may take 2-3 times, and may have an on screen display.


  • If not found on the remote try the TV itself.
  • No SAP or MTS buttons may mean it will need to be reset through the Menu or Setup button on the Remote Control.
  1. If you still do not have audio, then use the No Audio trouble shooting techniques on the previous page to determine if problem is muted or low volume on TV, VCR or receiver.
  2. If you still have an audio problem, contact us for additional troubleshooting.

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